Importance of Getting to Know Your Audience

80% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a company if it offers a personalised experience.

Whether you’ve experimented with personalised marketing before, or you are entirely new to the idea, you simply will not be able to create content that is truly personalised and valuable for the consumer, without investing time to get to know your audience first.

And what is the key to understanding your audience? The simple answer is data… and lots of it.

Data is your best friend when it comes to connecting with your audience on a more personal level, so it is vital that before you invest any of your time, efforts or money into creating personalised content, that you take the time to really do your research.

Analyse any data you have on your customers and utilise this to create personalised and tailored content.

Consumers want to be seen as individuals with their own habits and personalities. If you can tap into this and deliver each message with care, the response you receive from your audience is sure to be a positive one.

With sites such as Amazon providing personalised product suggestions and social platforms such as Facebook providing personalised news feeds, consumers are already used to being served personalised content, and therefore it has become somewhat of an expectation.

So, it is important that businesses are not ignoring this trend, if they want to engage with their audience and stay in the competition.

Just remember that personalised marketing isn’t all about how big your budget is; what really matters is what you communicate and the way you communicate with your audience. Put in the time and research to get to know your audience and interact with them and you are sure to reap the benefits.