What is user generated content?

User generated content is now playing a big role in marketing because it provides more of a story behind the product. This type of content shows it being used in real life by real people, adding a personal touch which resonates with customers.

In today’s world, the buying process is no longer as simple as popping into a shop and picking something up off the shelf. Consumers conduct thorough research before making any decision, from comparing prices, reading reviews and checking with their family and friends.

How do you use user generated content within your marketing?

It is highly likely that you already have a substantial amount of content being posted by your customers, you just need to ensure you are looking in the right places and that you are utilising it correctly.

Sharing the posts and photos that your business has been tagged in or sent by your customers is a great way to incorporate user generated content.


How do you encourage your audience to talk about you online?

One way you can achieve this is through ensuring your social profiles and handles are clear and easily visible of your product labels and packaging, as well as the marketing materials you hand out at events.

You could even include a little comment to encourage people to post online about their positive experience with your brand, product or service.

If you do not already have this feedback and interaction from your customers, create a campaign that focuses on getting their feedback. Perhaps a campaign focusing on the message ‘share your favourite memory with our product’, or create a hashtag they can start using to share their images and feedback with.

Through sharing your customers’ positive stories and experiences with your brand , this will really help you to engage your target audience and show appreciation for your existing customers.