Struggling for blogging ideas?

A blog requires regular and relevant content in order to reap the benefits blogging has to offer. 

We know that it can be difficult to come up with new and fresh ideas for blogs. So here are our top ideas to provide you with some great inspiration.


What to do before you start blogging?

Before you start blogging it is important that you identify the purpose of your blog. What do you want it to achieve? Is your main aim for your blog to educate your audience or keep them up-to-date? Is the purpose to entertain or establish your position as an expert?

Knowing this will help you when planning content and reviewing the response that you recieve.

It is also important that you do your research into your target audience. Find out what type of posts they like and engage with most. It may be worthwhile speaking with customers and ask them why type of information they would find useful or interesting.


What can you blog about?

Company news 

Sharing updates on what you have been getting up to and any key achievements will help to keep people informed. These type of posts could be good news stories about team members, announcing contract wins or taking on new members of staff.

Company news posts could also feature any events you are hosting, award nominations or wins as well key milestones for the business. 


Whether you are writing about how your service/products works, how to set-up your product or the different ways it can be used, all of these how-to style blogs provide people with useful information that educates them about your offering. This type of post could make the difference between a lead and an actual sale.

Guest blogs and interviews 

Guest blogs are a great way to help you build strong relationships with people and these relationships can lead to new business opportunities whilst building brand value. It is also a great way of building quality backlinks – ideal for improving your sites SEO.

Through featuring a blog written by or featuring someone who is known within your industry is a great way to help you capture a wider audience. You are also providing your existing audience with some unique content that could be of interest to them.

These types of blogs also help to show that you care about what is going on within your industry and that you are happy to collaborate.

Interview a client

Interviewing a client is the perfect way to showcase how you have helped them and spotlight their business. This helps to boost your credibility and people’s’ trust in you.

Case studies also help to demonstrate your expertise and showcase the high quality work you provide. They help give potential customers a glimpse into what they can expect when working with you.

Trending topics in your industry

Carry out research on the internet and social media to discover what is currently a trending topic, or an interesting news story within your industry as inspiration for a blog article. This could be an opportunity to share your opinion and knowledge on the topic providing you with the opportunity to play a part in a larger conversation. 

Answering FAQs

A blog focused on answering all of your frequently asked questions will prove highly valuable to your existing and potential customers. It provides them with the information they are looking for all in one place and shows that you are listening and responsive to your clients.