Why is blogging an important part of your marketing?

Despite having been around for a number of years, posting regular blogs is now more important than ever before. There is a constant battle to stand out from the crowd in such a noisy online environment, blogs are a great tool for businesses to use in their marketing and be heard by your audience.

Here are just a few examples of what you can achieve through blogging:

Blogging boosts SEO

Sharing valuable content on your blog on a regular basis will boost where your website ranks within Google searches and improve your Search Engine Optimisation.

The algorithm of search engines such as Google favours websites with fresh and valuable content over websites that haven’t been updated or touched for several weeks, months or even years. This is because they believe that this content will help to reduce the bounce rate of your site, increase the number of pages visited and the amount of time a user spends on your site.

Not only this, but industry-focused content is also likely to include all-important keywords that are relevant to your business which helps to increase your visibility online.


Drive traffic to your website organically

Blogging enables you to attract traffic to your site organically. This is because your blog will be attracting new visitors who are finding you because of your content and not because they are searching directly for your business.

Writing about trending topics or answering questions that are relevant to your sector will help you to appear in searches related to these key words and, therefore, bring new people to your website.


Establish yourself as an expert in your industry

Through sharing industry-related information, discussing trending topics and sharing your insights and advice, blogs can help your business to build authority in your industry and demonstrate your expertise.

The majority of people make purchasing decisions based on what they read on the internet and whenever we come across an issue the first place we go to is the internet to search for the solution.

So, through sharing your knowledge in blog articles, your business is providing people with useful information which will also help to build your credibility.

Build a relationship with existing and potential clients

You can create blogs that focus on educating an audience, rather than selling to them, as educating is far more powerful, trustworthy and relevant.. This shows them that you understand who your target is, the situation they are in and are providing them with the information they want and need.

You can also create blogs that answer your business’ FAQs. This type of blog proves highly valuable to customers, as it provides them with the answers they are looking for and shows them that you are helpful and approachable.


Support your social media

Blogging provides excellent and high-quality content to share on your social media platforms which helps you to achieve and maintain an active social media presence.  

As you share your blogs on social media, this will help to increase traffic to the blog and your website.


Personalise your brand

Posting article on your blog provides the perfect opportunity to show a more personal side to your business. Whether it is a piece about your team, something you are passionate about or simply sharing your top tips and advice. All of these blogs give you the opportunity to share your voice and personality.

Blogging is a great way to demonstrate to your audience that you care about the issues they are experiencing. By providing a first hand experience of a problem that you have encountered or a client may have approached you with and talking about how you resolved it can be really powerful. 


Show your audience that your business has a pulse

Through sharing interesting and valuable content to your blog on a regular basis, you will be keeping your website fresh and showing your audience that your business has a pulse. It indicates that your business is alive and has new and creative ideas, solutions and news to share.

A blog is like any other marketing channel, such as social media or email marketing, it requires regular and relevant content in order to reap these benefits.

Stay tuned for our next blog, where we will be sharing our top tips and ideas on what to blog about to keep your blog relevant, on-trend and make it a useful resource for your customers and target audience.