Humanise your marketing- Three ways to avoid your posts being seen as promotional

You have your social platforms set up and have got to grips with the basics, but are wondering where you go from here. Now it is time to release content on these platforms; many companies all go down the same path in the beginning, posting lots of content but only really talking about themselves. This may seem like the be-all and end-all, but no one likes a bragger and they will soon come to realise this.

In order to stop yourselves following the beginner’s path, you need to humanise your marketing. Now I bet you’re wondering, how on earth are you supposed to humanise your marketing? Well it’s pretty simple when it comes down to it; all you need to do is let the personality of your business reflect in the content you release. People don’t want to see tons of self-promotion plastered all over your social media; they want to see your business values, what you do for your customers, what you are like to work with. The following tips should help you to easily humanise your marketing and create variety in your social media content.

Trending Topics:

A great way to create engaging content is to talk about popular stories or headlines. Releasing this type of content should encourage discussion between you and your customers, showing them that you are interested in more than just making a profit- customers love to see a company who comes across as caring.


Create Conversation:

Another tip to create engaging content – maybe you could talk about the history of your company or exciting jobs you have carried out over the years. Once this has been posted, you should keep on top of any comments, read and respond to create a conversation, which will help keep your post in the News Feed for longer with the bonus of interacting with your potential customers.


Upcoming events:

Finally, an excellent tip to both inform and entertain is to start conversations about any events or offers you may have on in the near future. This is a good way to show your customers what you are up to and what new things are happening within your business, whilst increasing your events turn out.