Why don’t you want to use social media?

It’s time for your business to think of social media in a glass half-full kind of way.

We live in the modern-day, and we emphasise the word ‘modern’ here. Technology and social media seem to have taken over almost every aspect of our lives; people wake up and automatically check their social media accounts – it has, in a way, become an instinctual process.

Don’t get us wrong, we are all for this technological way of life. However, there are still many people out there who seem somewhat pessimistic when it comes to anything beginning with ‘social’ and ending in ‘media’.

Let us point out here, that anyone would be stupid in thinking that social media will eventually fizzle out and things will go back to the way they were before – where you would flick through the yellow pages to find a business rather than type their name into a search bar. Unfortunately, for those of you out there who are of this opinion, social media is here to stay. So it’s time we all accept its existence and begin implementing it within our businesses.

Firstly let us ask you a question, why do you not want to use social media? Is it because you don’t have the time to manage and maintain a social account? Or is it because you have limited knowledge on anything social media related? Unfortunately for you, there are solutions to both of the above, so there are no more excuses why you cannot incorporate social media within your business.

Don’t have the time for social media?

Well we are sorry to tell you this, but it’s time you make time for social media. As we speak someone is probably talking about your business on social media. Do you know what they’re saying? If you don’t know what people are saying about your business, how can you react to it? You wouldn’t allow someone to stand outside your front doors with a megaphone, telling every passer-by not to enter; so why would you give them that power on social media? This is why it is extremely important that you invest time into your social platforms.

At the bare minimum attempt to spend at least 10 minutes a day on your social media. You could spend your time reading through and replying to any comments or messages you have received. This shows your existing and potential clients that you are active and will interact with them. You could also spend your time posting a handful of times, keeping customers up to date with your business’s calendar.

However, if you really can’t spare just 10 minutes a day, there are still ways around it.

You can outsource. There are a number of social media management companies out there who will write your content and posts for you; however, this will be an actual investment for your business, rather than just a time investment.

But, either way you need to be posting regularly, reading and replying frequently and keeping your social platforms lively to reap any of the benefits it can bring.

Have limited knowledge about social media?

By this point in this article, you should have begun to comprehend how much social media is a necessity for your business, which is why your knowledge on the subject needs polishing up a little.

For those of you who already have a social platform set up, are we right in thinking you now need to know how to use it to your advantage? If this is the case, we have a number of blog posts discussing how to improve your social media pages, which we suggest you read through. Hopefully you will find them very helpful.

For those of you who do not have a single social media account set up, it is still just as easy. Many, if not all social platforms, have a simple talk-through guide, taking you through the setup step-by-step. All you require is an email and you are good to go. After you’ve set up a platform, you then need to go about making connections with people you may know through your business and potential clients. Once you have connected with people, it’s time to get content out for them to see and as we have said before, we have several other blog posts going into more detail on ideas for content.