A social media strategy will help you carve your path to success, providing the stepping stones to building a comprehensive online presence.

Social media provides you with a simple and effective way to communicate with your target audience online. Creating a social media strategy to build your brand online requires thought and planning to ensure that it is a worthwhile investment of your time. 

We work with you to create a social media strategy in line with your marketing objectives in order to position your brand correctly and deliver results.

It is essential that you mould how you use social media to fit in with you, only using a select number of platforms and delivering key messages effectively. 

Working alongside you and your team, we set clear and achievable goals that ensure each social media platform plays a role in your marketing strategy. The aim is to guide you to create, manage and grow your social media presence. 

What is a social media strategy?

Audience Research

Before using social media it is important that you know and understand who you would like to talk to. We conduct a piece of research looking at the following areas.

  • Identify who is your target audience
  • Analyse which social media platforms your target audience use
  • Understand the type of content that engages your audience
  • Select the right social media platforms for you

Content Planning 

Developing a content plan ensures regular engaging content is shared correctly to capture the attention of your audience. The aim of your content is to develop an authoritive voice. 

  • Research topics of interest
  • Look at how you can use photographs and video in your content
  • Outline useful information required by your audience
  • Plan social media activity for the coming months
  • Schedule content in order to reach the audience at the right time