We can help your business and employees realise the potential of using social media.

Social media mentoring is ideal for those who want to keep social media in-house  yet require hands on assistance to develop a strategy and build knowledge around social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. 

Creating a simple and concise strategy allows you to manage and grow your social media presence as part of the marketing strategy.

Our aim is to help clients clearly set out objectives to create the the foundation of a strategy which is both manageable and delivers results. 

Having a grasp of each social media platform is essential and helps you to make informed choices on the best platforms that will position you in front of your target audience. We help you to assess which social media platforms are best suited to you and build your activity around this. 

Shaping a simple content plan which outlines the topics that you should be sharing online is essential to making efficient use of your time. A content plan allows you to gather the relevant information, images and videos for your posts. Social media content needs to add value to your audience and have a clear purpose, content planning will help you to produce the content that talks to your audience.



What is social media mentoring?

  • A series of sessions at your business with key people
  • Outline simple objectives that you would like to achieve from your social media
  • Create a manageable content plan covering all social media platforms
  • Learn how to mange and schedule content to make your more productive
  • Support in implementing and continually developing your social media strategy

Mentoring Benefits

Helping Hand

Hands on help to continuly develop your social media strategy and keep up with trends.   

Keep it in-house

Building your understanding of social media, creating a content plan and demonstrating how to share content helps you to manage your social media.


Efficient use of time

Mentees significantly reduce the time wasted on social media by focusing attention on creating the right content for the right platforms.