Why is audience interaction vital?

Audience interaction is essential – simply having a social media presence and building awareness isn’t enough.

Consumers are looking for more from your brand; a two-way interaction. They want to interact with your brand on a personal level, knowing that they are being seen, heard and listened to.

It is vital that you are doing a range of things to not only engage your audience, but to interact your audience too.  

One of the easiest ways you can connect with with your audience on a more personal level is to ensure you are interacting with what they are doing and the content they are sharing.

It is important to remember that you don’t always have to focus on pushing your business and your own content.

Instead, look at what your audience is sharing, what they are sending to you and what they are tagging/mentioning you in and look to interact with this.

If someone asks you a question – answer their query. If someone has an issue – do something to resolve this for them.

You could even create a short blog post giving your advice and top tips which you could use in your reply and encourage visitors to your website.  

All of this interaction really does help to show that you care about your customers, listen to what they say and treat each customer as an individual.

Without putting in the time and effort to interact and connect with your audience, it is highly unlikely that you will see the results you want.